There are some deliberate steps that need to be taken in order to have a successful private label product. If you see a gap in the market, and you have a knack for branding, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel or find that perfect product formula. We have a full line of products that are ready-to-go.

  1. Choose a Product
  2. Choosing a high-quality product, one just like the name brand, is key to a successful private label. Many retailers go with the cheap option and it hardly ever pays off in the end. Valuing quality over price will give you something you’re proud to put your name on.

  3. Find a Good Contract Manufacturer
  4. A good contract manufacturer knows what they’re doing when you don’t have a clue. Use these points to find the right contract manufacturer:

    • Do they offer competitive pricing?
    • Are they dependable?
    • Do they supply consistent products?
    • Do they inspect products thoroughly for quality assurance?

    These are necessary things to have for your contract manufacturer if you want to have a successful private label.

  5. Create a Brand
  6. When creating a brand, think about what you want to be offering in 5 years. You may start with one product, but will most likely want to add more down the line so make sure your brand name is applicable to all the products you will eventually offer. When choosing your brand name make sure that domains, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram usernames are available.

  7. Market & Sell
  8. The point of private labeling your product is to make a profit by selling a similar or identical product of a name brand for less. To market and sell you have to decide if you want people to see your products in stores, online, or both.

    • Selling Online
      If you have a website, start with selling your products there. You can expand to other retailers as you grow. Amazon offers selling plans for professionals and individuals with varying costs and fees, making it easy to sign up and get started.
    • Selling in Stores
      Selling in stores is a bit harder because you have to convince the store owner or manager to give you shelf space. See how to get your products placed in stores.
    • Price Accordingly
      You also have to price your product accordingly. Your product price shouldn’t be so low that consumers doubt that your product is of the same quality but it shouldn’t be too high that the discount isn’t worth getting the off-brand. You have to find that middle ground where it shows that it’s a high-quality product while consumers are still getting a good discount.
    • Professional Packaging
      If you product isn’t packaged clean and neatly, then consumers won’t trust the product. Make sure your packaging is professional with a logo that will stand out. We have a graphic design department that can design and print your label on your products.
    • Talk About Your Product
      Word of mouth is still a prominent way to get the word out about a product. If you send out newsletters, put your new product and label on it. Put your product and label on your website. Create brochures to hand out to consumers. Tell all your staff to talk about it as well. These strategies will vary based on the type of product you sell, but the idea remains the same.
    • Place Products At Eye Level
      When you have your product in store, make sure it’s at eye level. If people see your product they are much more likely to recognize it later. Once they start to recognize it, they begin to trust it.

  9. Shipping and Storage
  10. If you want to sell a lot of your product, you have to have a place to store it and ship from. We have warehouse space available and also offer drop-shipping, where we send it straight to the retailer.

Custom Chemical Formulators, Inc offers products that are ready for private label.

Custom Chemical Formulators, Inc

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