Let us show you what 50 years of contract manufacturing expertise feels like.

Handling raw material sourcing, manufacturing, and product compliance all in one convenient west coast location.

Your Trusted Contract Manufacturing Partner

Your contract manufacturer should be someone you can trust as though they were an extension of your company, someone who can manufacture your formula and make sure it passes regulation.

We command over 75,000 square feet of production and warehousing located over five acres of property in the heart of Southern California. Our modern facility boasts manufacturing of liquid and powder products. With packaging capabilities ranging from bulk to retail size and flexible batch sizes, we can manage all of your manufacturing and packaging needs. A full-service in-house Quality Assurance department staffed with a team of professional chemists ensures all products meet strict quality control parameters.

CCFI is a certified blending facility for FDA, EPA, NSF, Kosher, OMRI, USDA and maintains a US Drug Manufacturing License.

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Services & Facilities


  • 2 buildings dedicated to liquid production
  • Over 50 tanks of various size and make up
  • 200 gallon to 6,000 gallon batch size
  • In-process heating
  • High Sheer mixing
  • Variable Speed agitation for high viscosity products
  • Packaging capabilities
  • Bulk tank farm with capacity to store 100,000 gallons of bulk liquid raw material and finished goods
  • FDA & EPA manufacturing
  • Buildings are in compliance to manufacture and handle hazardous materials such as:
    • Combustibles
    • Corrosives
    • Oxidizers
  • 1 building dedicated to powder production
  • 2 ribbon blenders
  • 2 paddle blenders
  • 1,500-6,000 lb. batch size
  • Spray system to disperse liquid components evenly in batch
  • Packaging available in Super Sacks, Drums, Pails, Boxes and Smaller


  • Raw material sourcing
  • Both liquid and powder manufacturing
  • Flexibility in production and packaging sizes
  • Warehousing
  • Access to company-owned vehicles for delivery to greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire, as well as reduced rates for shipping throughout the US
  • Regulatory assistance with expertise in upcoming regulations and product compliance
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance onsite
  • Quick ramp-up, high level of service
  • Family owned and operated


Our team of experienced chemists create innovative formulas using the newest technology, always keeping current and future regulatory compliance at the forefront of their minds.

Onsite quality control and quality assurance conducts incoming raw material testing and ensures every production batch meets designated specifications.

Documentation including Certificate of Analysis, retain sample storage, and batch sheet retention for 5 years.


Conveniently located in Los Angeles near all major transportation hubs.

  • Close proximity to the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles for worldwide service
  • Company owned trucks provide delivery to Greater Los Angeles,
    Inland Empire and Orange County
  • Partnerships with national freight carriers provide competitive pricing to ship throughout the US


CCFI is a certified blending facility for FDA, EPA, NSF, Kosher, OMRI, USDA and maintains a US Drug Manufacturing License.


We know how important it is to get your product on the market as quickly as possible. Onsite bulk raw material storage allows for quick ramp-up and minimal production lead times help to reduce inventory levels and lead times to your customers.


We take the security of your formulations seriously. All formulations are stored in a secure system with limited access to employees. Confidentiality Agreements are in place with all employees and the facility is a closed campus with electronic monitoring.

Why use us?

Custom Chemical Formulators, Inc. is a family-owned premier industrial chemical manufacturer offering a range of services to the Industrial, Institutional, Janitorial, Healthcare, and Food Service industries. Our commitment to service, reliability, and quality has made CCFI successful for over 50 years. We offer Contract Manufacturing, Private Labeling, and Custom Product Development options to handle all of your product needs.

Tell us about your product, and let’s get started:

A CCFI Customer Service Concierge will reach out to you for a 1-on-1 consultation to discuss the needs of your project.

  • End use, estimated volume needed, how product is to be packaged, etc.